By car through Normandy

•Haute Normandy
•Mont St-Michel
•The Loire Valley






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Bayeux (click here to see the photos in a new window)

The next morning we drove the few miles to Bayeux to see the tapestries. Bayeux is also touristy but I really loved it, more than the other quaint towns around. The tapestry museum is a model of how such places should be. You see a film about it, you see a "highlights' and finally you have a good audio guide to lead you through. The tapestry is quite marvelous; it too met expectations.

After seeing the tapestries we found a charming little restaurant, apparently completely patronized by locals, and had a nice salad lunch there. Made a quick internet-café stop; these don't seem to be easy to find in France; I guess it's like the US, where most people who want to use a computer have one! And visited the Cathedral, and a shop where women were making the traditional Normandy lace.

On the return to Caen we visited an archaeological dig of a Roman town, which has a rather impressive museum housing its finds.

And the next day drove to Mont St-Michel.