Peru 05

Machu Picchu ... go to the pictures... or the video

Everyone said it was spectacular

And they were right. We went there after the train ride up from the Valley (in the good Vista-Dome car) and after we checked in to our hotel in Agua Calientes, a rather charming but totally tourist oriented town. We took the bus up the switchback road, then walked around the site for a couple of hours in the afternoon, pretty much after the "day-trippers" who were up for the day from Cuzco had left. The sun was bright and sharp and the terraces going up to the ridge upon which the city is built were in high relief. And it was hot! Even though we were at 10,000 feet, or thereabouts, it was really quite warm.

The next morning we returned, or some of us did, very early, this time before the day-trippers arrived. Some of the group walked up the path towards the Inca Bridge (where the travellers who've walked the Inca Trail enter the site); our friend Bill, ever intrepid, climbed Huayna Pichu, the big peak you see to the rear of the site. I climbed as far as the "caretaker's hut" which is far enough, in my estimation. The baby llamas and their bleating parents were out in force, as the clouds drifted into and away from the site. I've never, ever, seen so spectacular a place! No wonder the Incas cherished it and kept it from the Spanish conquistadores.

We returned to Agua Calientes for lunch at a charming pavillion outdoors, then returned to the Sacred Valley and the Incaland Hotel for the night.

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