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The Many Treasures of Tutankahmon

By no means the most interesting pharaoh in life, Tutankahmon, whose treasury Howard Carter found in 1922, was buried with a tomb full of treasures which somehow didn't get looted over the ages the way most tomb contents were. All the pieces we saw when the Treasures travelled abroad some years ago were there, along with a great many others. The effect is overwhelming.


Anubis was one of the guards in the tomb,

one of the guards

as well as two of these handsome lifelike gentlemen.

canopic jars

The canopic jars were contained in this charming box, guarded by statues.

charming chair with Tut and wife

On this charming chair, you can see the influence of daddy (?) Aknahton in the posture of Tut.

coffin boxes


The coffins were inside this box, inside another, inside another. No idea how they got them inside the tomb!

Click on the link below to retrieve a small (safe) program that will let you listen to an actual recording of Tut's trumpet.
Hear his trumpet sound!

Tut's trumpets

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