This is the Brie Gull - a gull to whom we were feeding brie cheese at the end of a picnic years ago on Monhegan. I sold the photograph for some years to tourists and others on Monhegan - people who were involved with the Sensory Awareness Movement that met on the island especially liked it. I called it "Joy on Monhegan."

A few years later I took over the Welcome to Monhegan booklet from aging Alta Ashley. Her publishing setup was called Gray Gull Publishing and she thought of herself as a gray gull. (A great woman, Alta was a public health physician, writer, columnist and gossiper about Monhegan. She died and was buried on the island; her headstone reads "Gray Gull of Monhegan.") So I figured I'd use Brie Gull for my business(es). I've used this name for many years in dealing with various ventures.